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Did you know the Government.... A MacVille Success Story Best Practice Tips and Tricks Your Suggestions, Our Sustainability
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| Did you know the Government...The Government has many pieces of legislation designed to protect the environment, companies are required to abide by these. One such piece of legislation is the ‘Waste Reduction and Recycling Bill 2011’, it sets out guidelines to help reduce the amount of waste produced and recover resources where possible.  The bill sets out the preferred order in which waste and resource management options should be considered: 1. REDUCE and AVOID unnecessary resource consumption and waste generation; 2. RE-USE waste resources without further manufacturing; 3. RECYCLE waste resources to make the same or different products; 4. RECOVER waste resources, including the recovery of energy; 5. TREAT waste before disposal, including reducing the hazardous nature of waste; 6. DISPOSE of waste only if there is no viable alternative.It’s interesting to note that the last option should always be disposal and that there are many options available to us all to avoid that option and minimize waste.A Macville Success StoryRecently Macville conducted an audit of our resource usage and uncovered some home truths that were less than satisfactory.   So we decided to make a change for the better and set ourselves some challenges to turn things around. One area that we focused on was our need to print, and we wanted to reduce this to save on paper, toner and servicing of the printers and copiers. We set the challenge to reduce our printing by 20% over a 2 month period.   This was no easy feat, and in order to achieve this, we had to re-think the way we did business.With new procedures in place at the end of the first two months all costs were down. Our monthly paper consumption went from 599 reams to 479, reducing costs by $477.60. Toner costs dropped from $686 to 548.80 and cost of...
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