Success Takes Risks

Topics: Artificial intelligence, Artificial neural network, Neural network Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: May 24, 2012
Success takes risks

Our world consists of different types of people who lead various lifestyles. Some people enjoy doing only what they already do well whereas others are inclined toward trying new things and taking risks.  At an individual level, I would rather choose the latter one as my preference.

Study and practice are the most essential and basic elements of human activities. Every single human activity can be described as a process which consists of constant repetition of study and practice. Trying new things plays an important role in both study phase and practice phase. Trying new things, in the study phase, will help ones to gain new experiences and broaden their knowledge, as well as to explore potential abilities and to find creative methods to solve problems in the practice phase.

First of all, in the study phase, trying new things brings about new experiences and ideas which will help ones to improve themselves and grow mentally. For instance, in the early stage of life, children are encouraged to do different kinds of tasks ranging from studying in the class room, playing with new friends, swimming to drawing. All these new activities allow them to gain experiences and basic survival skills needed to live in a complex society.

Moreover, trying new things and taking risks are necessity not only to explore new experience and ideas, but also to discover our potential abilities and to find creative methods to solve problems in the practice phase. Take Artificial Neutral Network for example. An Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is a mathematical model or computational model. Though ANN is already a classical technique frequently applied in fields like computer vision, natural language processing, optimized computing, pattern recognition, automatic control, and development of neural computer all of which are branches of computer science, it is inspired by the structure and functional aspects of biological neural networks. As a matter of fact, ANN...
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