Failures Lead to Success

Topics: Failure, Success, Thomas Edison Pages: 3 (944 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Failures Lead to Success

Failure is what often happens in our lives. Students may fail in exams, athletes may fail in competitions, and even scientists may fail in their research work. Everyone has failing experiences in his own life. People feel upset when they fail. While these people may yield to failure and flinch from it, successful people rather learn from their failures and cope with mistakes in order to reach the successful final. For some people, failure represents opportunity and growth rather than deficit and loss. Even though failures accompany hardship, bitterness and disappointment, it leads us toward the path of success. Failure is not always a bad thing as it creates great learning experiences in reality. No one expects to fail, but no one can avoid failing, too. Famous inventor Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” (Edison) Edison never gave up when he failed. Instead, he drew useful experience from his failures, and he finally succeeded. Also, we don’t get scared by failing early in the process. According to article “Failures and Success”, Chris Brogan says “The more failures you can get out of the way early in the process, the easier it will be to work past them, and then get onto a successful course. Failing very late in the process is a lot harder to fix” (Brogan 1). This means that the more difficulties we overcome on the road, the closer we get to success. It is also even a lot better to fail early than late because every time we fail, we can learn important lessons from failure that we will never forget. We have improvements from conquering failure as each failure points out mistakes we have made and what we should avoid in the next attempt. In addition, Paul Logan narrates his story in the article “Zero”. He fails in high school with a “0” GPA, but he eventually graduates from community college with a perfect GPA. His story is a positive example which encourages us although...
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