Subsidizing Art

Topics: United Kingdom, Culture, Japan Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: May 22, 2013
The government of the UK spends about £220 million a year supporting museums and galleries and the similar amount of money subsidizing the visual and performing arts like theaters and exhibitions. “This is a huge sum to spend on minority interests, and the money would be better spent on more important things. It should be up to the people who enjoy cultural attractions to pay for them.” Of course this is a solid sum of money, but to call such important cultural events minority interests is a big, serious and thereby silly mistake. It is known that for every country such cultural events like galleries, exhibitions and theaters especially for the Great Britain are very important for its society because exactly this country has a rich history closely connected with culture. And not to develop it means to show disrespect to own history, ancestors, art and, in addition to this, not to think about future generations. That is why the government of the UK should give appropriate consideration for maintenance of all these entertainments but at the same time it should not forget about safety, education and public health. People who really enjoy all these attractions also should give support to it and they do. For evidence another absolutely different country like Japan can be observed. Japan has none the less rich history also closely connected with its culture. For example Japanese folk theater Kabuki and exhibitions of ancient gravures, which are the universally recognized cultural events, also financed by government what naturally requests considerable amount of money. At the same time country makes significant progresses in science and technology development like no one in the world, has one of the most long-living and educated populations. To sum up everything, every developed country tries to spend significant amount of money in order to support its cultural entertainments thereby making population more educated and culturally aware. Meanwhile...
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