Review of Exhibition on Stephen Ahern: Close to Home

Topics: Dublin, Republic of Ireland, Photography Pages: 3 (701 words) Published: November 4, 2010
Review of Exhibition
On Stephen Ahern: Close to Home & Power and Privilege: photographs of the Big House in Ireland 1858-1922
I have visited Gallery of Photography where I reviewed Stephen's Ahern's exhibition ''Close to home'' placed in Meeting House Square,Temple Bar,Dublin 2 Ireland. Since its inception in 1978 the Gallery of Photography has become Ireland's premier venue for photography. It has staged exhibitions with many of the major names in contemporary photography. The Gallery, which is non-profit making, is funded by the Arts Council and Dublin Corporation. However the cost of maintaining standards continues to rise. The Gallery relies on sponsorship and support from members to help fund its activities.

Exhibition of Stephen Ahern: Close to Home
About the artist: Born in 1978, Stephen Ahern studied photography at St. John’s College, Cork. He currently lives and works in Cork City. Close to Home consists of 30 small-scale photographs documenting the surroundings in which Stephen Ahern found himself over the last five years: “the hotel apartment, ordinary suburban and rural settings, intimate domestic interiors and foreign cityscapes”. Like Stephen Shore, Ahern focuses on the everyday, the spaces in-between Henri Cartier- Bresson’s “decisive moments”. As Ahern puts it himself: “Rather than seeking out the unusual, I want to make pictures of my own environment . . . I’m interested in the difference between looking at something and looking at a colour photograph of that same thing, whether it’s something I’m seeing for the first time or a scene I’ve encountered every day for literally years.” The result is a reflective, carefully considered body of work. His work exploits the particular characteristics of photography through his considered use of expressive colour, rich textural detail, precise framing and...
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