Sublimation of Dry Ice in Water

Topics: Dry ice, Carbon dioxide, Temperature Pages: 7 (1864 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Science Project : Sublimation of Dry Ice in Water

Christopher Drake

Dana Smith

Panut Panusiri

Ehsan Subhani

Period 4 Honors Chemistry

Mr. Mattson

Table of Contents

Purpose 3

Experimental Questions 4

Preliminary Research 4

Hypothesis 7

Materials 7

Procedure 7

Data 8

Data Analysis 9

Error Analysis 9

Conclusion 10

Acknowledgements 10

Work Cited 11

Dry ice is just frozen carbon dioxide (-78 C), CO2 is kind of interesting as, unlike water, when it is cooled at atmospheric pressure; it goes directly from a gas to a solid! And when warming, it goes directly from a solid to a gas! Liquid CO2 is not stable at atmospheric pressure, however in a CO2 fire extinguisher; the CO2 is liquid (at about 840 psi). However, if one uses the extinguisher, what comes out is partly gaseous CO2 and partly CO2 "snow", no liquid! Dry ice is sometimes used when shipping things that need to be frozen because, it doesn't produce melted water or even liquid carbon dioxide) when it warms up, so there’s nothing leaking out of the shipping boxes (except some gaseous carbon dioxide). If it’s put in warm water, fake fog is formed which is sometimes used for plays, mad scientist movies, etc. Sometimes it is used the chemistry labs for cooling purposes (for cold traps or cooling very reactive and unstable materials during reaction). Sometimes, it is even a reactant for chemical synthesis, for example, adding dry ice to a Grignard reagent, followed by an acidic work up will give the corresponding carboxylic acid. How long can dry ice sustain in various temperatures of water (hot, cold, and average)? If the proper temperature of water is found in the lab results, then that can be utilized in many cases. It can be used to store dry ice in packages and shipments for the longest time possible. Some people may not be sure if they want to include hot, cold, or room-temperature water with dry ice in cargos and other transportations. It can also be used for cool effects in stage production or making home-made fog machine. The purpose would be to see which water would make the dry ice sublimate the fastest or the slowest.

Experimental Questions
1. Which temperature water will make the dry ice sublimate the fastest? 2. Which temperature water will make the dry ice sublimate the slowest? 3. How does the dry ice sublimate without adding water level in the beaker? 4....
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