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Research paper/science fair
The purpose of this experiment was to determine which automobile anti-freeze is most biologically safe. I became interested in this idea when I was reading information on the Internet and saw that anti-freeze is often harmful to plants, animals, and humans. The information gained from this experiment will benefit society by proving what brand of anti-freeze is the safest for our environment.  HYPOTHESIS

My hypothesis is that recycled anti-freeze will affect the grass the least out of all the anti-freezes chosen for this experiment. I base my hypothesis on a quote from "Cool As News’" (recycled anti-freeze) website (www.coolasnew.com) that "Recycled anti-freeze ensures adherence to environmental laws and regulations which creates a good relationship and reputation with regulatory agencies and the community." EXPERIMENT DESIGN

* The constants in this study were:
* The type of grass, the amount of soil 
* The amount of water given to each area of grass 
* The amount and temperature of anti-freeze distributed to each area of grass  * Growing Conditions
The manipulated variable was the type of anti-freeze used for each area of grass in the experiment. The responding variable was the height of the grass after experimenting for 24 days. To measure the responding variable I used a meter stick and measured the height of the 4 intersections of string and then averaged the 4 to find the mean height.  MATERIALS 

1| 200 ml. Water|
4| 100 ml. Water|
54| 40 Sprays Water Bottles|
5| 9 1/2 x 14 x 5-cm. Pans|
5| 250 ml. Grass Seeds|
5| Spray Bottles|
1| 100. Recycled Anti-freeze|
1| 100 ml. Havoline Extended Life Anti-freeze|
1| 100 ml. Prestone Anti-freeze|
1| 100 ml. Turbo Power Anti-freeze|
5| 4-cm. Potting Soil|
5| 1/4-cm. Peat Moss|
4| 29-cm. pieces of yarn|
1| 38-cm. pieces of yarn|
1| Centimeter stick|
| |...
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