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Do you think digital media is changing our lives? It’s a question with many answers, both good, bad and indifferent. In this generation technology is the biggest topic. It’s shrinking our world and widening the gap on other specific things. If digital media is changing our lives then how is it doing it? However there are some pros and cons of the digital age. I say that I am a believer saying that digital media is changing our lives.

At this time digital media is changing our lives because a lot of people these days don’t use books anymore. Most people use the internet for everything such as shopping, educations, and searchings. It is starting to change our lives because we all use digital media everyday. Sometimes people play online communication games and most of those peoples aren’t the person you know or live near you. Anyone who have jobs even quit their jobs to play games to meet other people.

Some pros and cons of the digital age is that the technologies are sort of helpful and useful at times and too much at times and start addictions to technology. The good thing about the digital age is that for search engines you can thuroghly research things you want to know without going to books. The cons about the digital age is that people get too attracted to games, such as in Korea people often have small games on their phones or computer and they will play all day long, so they now make the addiction as serious as drugs or smoking. Now they have a institute for people with addiction to games and help them get over the addiction

I strongly believe that digital media is a problem as big as how useful it is. Personally I think the parents need to set some rules or limits they can do for games. I use a lot of the internet but I do not like to play any of those online communication games because I don’t want to get addicted or know other people that’s not close to me.

Do I think digital media is changing our lives? Yes, but it will keep changing our lives...
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