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Study Plan Checklist

Use this checklist to plan your enrolment for your whole degree and make sure that you are on track to satisfy course requirements. Review the study plans in the University Handbook for enrolment ideas and logon to studentConnect to enrol. For more information on course requirements see the Undergraduate Degree Course Rules.

Degree-specific major
Have you chosen a degree-specific major?
Does your study plan include:
the core units from your degree-specific major?
any complementary units from your degree-specific major? options from your degree-specific major?

Second major
You can choose to complete a second major as part of your undergraduate course. Specialising in a second discipline will add to your qualification and employment prospects.
Have you considered majors from outside your degree area? A second major does not have to be degree-specific. You can choose a second major from any degree area, as long as you meet prerequisites and satisfy unit rules. If you have chosen a second major, does your study plan include: core units from your second major?

options from your second major?

Broadening requirements
You can satisfy the broadening requirements of your course in several ways: Have you chosen a second major from outside your degree area? A second major chosen from outside your degree area will fulfil most of your broadening requirements—just make sure you include a Category A unit (or complete at least one semester of approved overseas study). Have you chosen a language as a second major? A second major in a language will automatically fulfil all your broadening requirements! Have you chosen four broadening units? You must complete at least four broadening units to meet your course requirements. Have you included at least one Category A broadening unit? Broadening units are divided into Category A and Category B. You must choose at least one Category A unit (or at least one...
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