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  • Published : October 1, 2010
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Bachelor of Science (Major or Honours in Pharmacology) Degree University of British Columbia
Program Details
Location:| Point Grey Campus - Vancouver BC|
Length:| Four Years|
Start Date:| September, May|
Tuition Levels (approx.):| $5606 per year|
Book & Supply Cost Estimates:| $1190 per year (approx.)| Co-op/Work Exp:| Co-op Ed|
Credentials:| Bachelor's Degree |

Program Admission Requirements
BC Secondary School Graduates should note the following for entry into the Faculty of Science: Academic
A) Admission is competitive. Courses used to calculate the grade point average (GPA) are: * English 12
* Principles of Math 12 (with at least a 67% grade)
* two other approved, examinable Grade 12 courses including at least one of: Biology 12, Chemistry 12, Geology 12, or Physics 12 B) Additional courses required for admission, but not used in the calculation of the GPA are: * English 11

* Language 11
* Chemistry 11
* Physics 11
* Principles of Math 11
* Social Studies 11
Final Note: Students may benefit from completing as many of Biology 12, Chemistry 12 and Physics 12 as possible. Admission Advice
Admission to the BSc Pharmacology is based on academic performance and suitability for pharmacological research. Potential students need to have completed all prerequisites and achieved at least a 75% average in each of their first and second years. (Make sure to check out these details well in advance at the department website.) Program Overview & Key Points

- The Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics offers students the opportunity to complete Bachelor of Science (BSc) Major and Honours in Pharmacology degree programs. - The Major program involves specialization in one field in your last two years. It may allow you to proceed to a Master's degree depending on your grades. - The Honours program requires specialization in one...