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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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MG2048 Study Guide



You should read this study guide carefully and also ensure that all the links have been followed to other accompanying documents that include, for example, information on coursework submission. Information in this study guide is maintained by Dr. Maged Ali (, Office EG306.

Policy statements

The Business School Student Handbook can be found on the Business School Blackboard Learn site (Academic Programme Office - APO). The Student Handbook is a useful source of information for all aspects of your studies, including policy, procedures, plagiarism, house style for assignments, group work submissions and other important matters. The School assumes that you will familiarise yourself with this information, so you will need to look at these pages carefully at various times throughout your studies. The School also operates within the rules and regulations of the University more generally, and you should also look at what are known as 'Senate Regulations’ under the University’s webpages at:

These policies and procedures, and rules and regulations, are liable to change from one academic year to another. You should therefore ensure that you make yourself aware of these, as you cannot later claim a lack of knowledge on these matters.

Module detail

|Module title |Marketing Communications | |Department/School |Brunel Business School | |Credits |20 | |Level |UG | |Module leader |Dr. Maged Ali (MA) | |Other staff |Dr. Suraksha Gupta (SG) | | |Dr. Joyce Ko | |For academic year |2012/13 | |Contact and private study time |Lectures 22 | | |Labs/Seminars 0 | | |Private Study 178 | | |Total 200 hours for 20 credits | | |FAQ Access Hours 2 | |Assessment |Method Proportion of marks | | | | | |Coursework 100% | |This module is to be taken as part of the following |COMPULSORY | |courses |BSc Business and Management | | |BSc Business and Management (Marketing)...