Study Guide 3

Topics: Chordate, Animal, Fish Pages: 2 (313 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Study guide for bio112 exam #3 The Animals:

General characteristics:
1. multicellular heterotrophs 2. Divers in form 3. No cell walls 4. Active movement
5. Sexual reproduction 6. Embryo development(zygote>morula>blastula>blastopore/gastrula) Parazoans VS Eumetazoans. Eumetazoans as triploblastic organisms. Eumetazoan 4 key body plans
1. Radial and bilateral symmetry
2. Body cavities(bilateral organisms only); General importance of(digestion/reproduction).
Acoelomic cavity, Pseudocoelomic cavity, Coelomic cavity.
3. Segmentation(most are Coelomic, only mollusks are not).
4. Protostomes and Deuterostomes( both are bilateral, Coelomic and segmented organisms).

Phylum: Porifera-The sponges------------------------Parazoans Phylum: Cnidaria-jellyfish, anemones, coral------Eumetazoans with radial symmetry. Phylum: Platyhelminthes-The flat worms----------Bilateral symmetry with acoelomic cavity. Phylum: Nematoda-The round worms--------------Pseudocoelomic cavity. Phylum: Mollusca-Gastropods/Bivalves/Cephalopods------Coelomic cavity, first heart/respiratory system. Phylum: Annelida-Earth worms/marine worms/leeches----Coelomic and segmented. Phylum: Arthropoda-Chelicerata/mandibulate. crustaceans/spiders/insects------exoskeleton, jointed appendages, flight. Phylum: Echinodermata-starfish/sea urchins/sand dollars/sea cucumbers—Deuterostome development

BilateralRadial, Endoskeleton, water vascular system.
Phylum: Chordata- Non-vertebrate chordate(no skull) and vertebrate chordate(have skull).
General chordate features: (1) The Notochord (2) Dorsal nerve cord (3) Post anal tail
General vertebrate chordate features:(1) Skull (2) vertebral column (3) Internal organs(multiple endocrine glands) (4) Internal endoskeleton, framework of cartilage or bone,
(5) Neural crest-(gill arches/sensory ganglia/schwann cells/Adrenal gland).

Vertebrate chordates:
The Fish-General characteristics: Gills with one-way water/blood...
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