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Topics: Romanticism, Mary Shelley, Samuel Taylor Coleridge Pages: 49 (12540 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Faculty of Language Studies
A210B: The Romantic Period

Course Guide 
Course Support Materials

Prepared for the course team by Nora Tomlinson and Sue Asbee, and Adapted & enlarged by Jessica Davies and Ibrahim Dawood

© Copyright Arab Open University 2008
A210B Course Kit
[6 Items]

The following list totalling 6 items show the learning/teaching materials required for A210B: The Romantic Period. Make sure you receive all items upon registering in the course:

I. One Course Guide
* Course Guide and Course Support Materials [this booklet]

II. One Course book, published by the Open University. It contains teaching materials and includes extracts from relevant critical writings and/or literary texts. * Romantic Writings edited by Stephen Bygrave, OU 2004.

III. Set texts:
* Romantic Writings: An Anthology (Vols 1 and 2) edited by W.R. Owens and Hamish Johnson, OU 2004.

IV. One Casette
* AC 02, Romantic Poetry

V. One Genre Guide:
* Approaching Poetry, prepared by Sue Asbee and adapted by Jessica Davies, OU 2004.


Dear Student,

This is an adapted and updated Course Guide which you should find useful. It provides you with an overall view of A210B: The Romantic Period

You should read this Course Guide before you go to your first tutorial. Of special importance is to know the Course Learning/Teaching materials. Please make sure that you receive all materials including the ACs. The course team places particular importance on the ACs which explores ways of reading and analysing Romantic Poetry works. It is a good idea to listen to it as you are reading the poems.

As you should know A210: Approaching Literature is now offered as two independent courses

First Course: A210A: The Realist Novel & Shakespeare and the Canon. Second Course: A210B: The Romantic Period

Other aspects of this course that you should know before going to your first tutorial are the following: course aims; course learning outcomes; course structure; and course assessment. Details on all these aspects are in this guide.

The course is designed to be interesting in its own right, but it is also a course that will give you the skills you need for further study of literature at a higher level. It is a core course for the award of BA in English Language and Literature.

There will be a two-hour tutorial every week. Your contribution to discussions in these tutorials will be appreciated by your tutor, and definitely useful. There will be one office hour during which your tutor will be available to discuss with you all matters pertaining to the course, to answer your questions, and give you guidance in preparing for your TMAs and exams.

In marking your TMAs, MTAs and Final Exam, your teacher will allocate 80% of your total grade to content, and 20% to language. You should be able to improve your language skills while doing this course as this ratio will be 80:20 for level 5 courses. Therefore, we encourage you to read the assignments, attend as many tutorials as you can, and take advantage of office hours in order to improve your reading, listening and speaking skills in English, not to mention your analytical capabilities as a student of English Language and Literature.

Ibrahim Dawood
Course Chair

February 2008

Table of Contents
Section| | Page |
| Course Kit| 2|
| Preface| 3|
| Table Of Contents| 4|
1. | Course Descriptor| 5|
2. | Course Aims | 5|
3. | Course Delivery| 5|
4. | Course Learning/Teaching Materials| 6|
5. | Course Structure/Organization | 6|
6. | Course Learning Outcomes| 6|
7. | Course Assessment| 7|
8. | Tutorials, TMAs, MTas & final exams8.1 Tutorials8.2 Tutor-Marked Assignments (TMAs) 8.3 Mid-Term Assessment (MTA) 8.4 Final Exams (FEs) 8.5 Communication & Language Accuracy| 8| 9. | MEDIA...
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