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Topics: Progressive Era, History of the United States, Reconstruction era of the United States Pages: 3 (595 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Dr. Manian Hst 17B Test 1—StudyQs

Chapter 15:

1. Learn about the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Constitutional Amendments. (2 or 3 questions).

2. Learn all that the book says about the Reconstruction Act of 1867. (2 or 3 questions). 3. Learn about the new Southern Constitutions that were adopted after the Reconstruction Act of 1867. 4. What does the term, “carpetbagger” mean?

5. What was the status of blacks in Southern state legislatures. 6. Learn about Reconstruction from the book.
7. What was sharecropping?
8. What was the Freedmen's Bureau and what were its activities? (2 possible questions) 9. Why was President Johnson impeached by the House of Representatives? 10. What were black codes?
Chapter 16:

1. What factors were responsible for the post-Civil War industrial boom? 2. What were the public benefits from the construction of railroads? 3. How did the Supreme Court rule in the Munn v. Illinois and Wabash v. Illinois cases? 4. What was the Homestead Act?

5. What was the cattle drive and why did it end?
6. What was the Dawes Act of 1887?
7. What did you learn about the Battle of Little Big Horn? 8. What did you learn about Geronimo from your book?

Chapter 17:

1. After the Civil War and Reconstruction, toward what did Americans largely turn their attention? 2. What was the most important engine of economic growth during the Gilded Age? 3. What were the various contributions of the railroads?

4. Who invented the wireless telegraphy?
5. What was the major innovation that aided in the more efficient production of steel? 6. Who or which group was at the top of the social and economic structure in the Gilded Age? 7. What was the Chinese exclusion act of 1882?

8. What was Laissez-Faire? What did it advocate?
9. What made the growth of industry possible during the Gilded Age?

Chapter 18:

1. Which group favored/would vote for Republicans and which...
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