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Harmonix is a company originally founded by Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy, they were the original developer of guitar hero series, the idea was originally create some demo software with the vision of providing a different way for people without music training or talent to experience the joy of playing and creating music. One of the most successful product that was produced by hamonix were guitar hero series, which subsequently became the fastest videogame in history to top 1 billion dollars just in north America.

1.)What marketing philosophy did harmonix use at first and how did their philosophy change?

* The Marketing management philosophy used Harmonix, at first, was production oriented. The company focused on some demo software they had created in 1995, and the company focused on the internal capabilities rather than the wants or needs of customers. Then they tried the make a product by persons who wants know that will feel  be a rock star and decide to engage with their customers, changing their philosophy to the market orientation. Since 2004 the company searched for the wants and likes of the customers creating products such as the microphone in karaoke Revolution, and in 2005 Guitar hero.  This means that the company took actions by creating products to deliver and provide value to customers. The company seeks to satisfy needs , wants and likes of the customers with their products.


* Innovation in the sector of video games
* Strong brand image
* Quality of the product (reality, sound, image)
* Their games offer another experience that the consumers wants

* High prices
* Focus only in people with middle and higher incomes
* Focus only in the music and entertainment market

* New markets (games experiences)
* New ways of advertising using internet

* Increasing competitors
* Indirect competition from...
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