Topics: Philippines, José Rizal, Philippine Revolution Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: April 19, 2013
1. Instability of Colonial Administration – King Ferdinand VIII (1808 – 1833) Frequent shift of policies owing to struggle between Liberalism and Despotism; From 1835-1897 there were 50 Governors General. 2. Corrupt Colonial Officials a. Gen. Rafael de Isquierdo (1875-1883) incompetent and cruel, boastful, ruthless, executed GOMBURZA in 1872. b. Gen. Primo de Rivera – accepted bribes from gambling casino which he permitted to operate. * 7. c. Gen. ValerianoWeyler (1888-1891) – cruel and corrupt received huge bribes, gifts and diamonds from wealthy Chinese who evaded anti-Chinese law; persecuted Calamba tenants particularly the family of Dr. Jose Rizal .3. Philippine Representation in Spanish Cortes - 1st Philippine Delegates Ventura de los Reyes - Constitution 1812 - Abused Galleon trade - Propaganda Movement was not heard - Representation of Spanish colonies (including the Philippines) was abolished in 1837 * 8. 4. HUMAN RIGHTS denied to Filipinos - No freedom of expression 5. NO EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW Filipinos were abused, brutalized, persecuted and slanderedSpanish missionaries thought that ALL MEN irrespective of color and race are children of God and as such they are brothers, equal before God and not before the law… not in practice.Leyes de Indias (Laws of the Indies) rarely enforced - Spanish Civil Code imposed light penalties on Spaniards but heavier penalties to Indios. * 9. 6. MAL ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICECourts were notoriously corrupt, Judges, fiscals and court officials – inept, venal and oftentimes ignorant at the law.Justice – costly, partial and slow. Poor Filipinos has no access to the courts.Dona Teodora Rizal was jailed on flimsy ground in 1871; Dr. J. Rizal was deported in July 1892 without trial; Paciano and several brothers-in-law were exiled without due processGOMBURZA and RIZAL were executed

* 10. 7. RACIAL DESCRIMINATION Spain introduced Christianity’s egalitarian concept of...
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