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mong what you overhear as an aloof bystander relishing a hot masala vadai during a Kutcheri break, is well-moneyed grannies discussing not just swanky,new silk saries but also the exploits of their progeny who have contributed to fulfilling or enjoyed the benefits of the American Dream, inspite of strict immigration policies . And talented grandchildren who never fail to impress with their heavily accented carnatic-music-singing during weekend skype calls, but I wander.

That Siligon Valley is a household name, back where I come from, shouldn’t beggar belief. Indians have been famously successful in those picturesque regions of California, just as much as all across the eastern states in the US. Forbes reports that Indians lead all immigrant groups in the number of companies founded in many industries: biosciences (35%), software (33%) and environmental (39%) to name a few.

IITians have been straggling around the innovation arena but consistently whisked away by the corporate sector, only to be grounded there forever. For long, we have been saying “Why, Vinod Khosla was an IITian!” and fleeing the place before we are asked names of other IITian startup founders. So, technically, the mission of the IITs hasn't been what the mission statements suggest. To hear corporate kingpins themselves say it, Moore’s law is to slow down and innovations in renewable energy are in order. Suddenly, everyone seems drawn into the entrepreneurial blackhole. Their 4-5 years here , a sensible few among the R populace often take to mulling over good ideas born out of dire necessities. I am talking about those who brought DC to the campus or installed solar light bulbs in the nearby villages. After...
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