Students Should Wear Uniforms

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March 28, 2012
Students should wear Uniforms
No one can deny the importance of wearing school uniforms because schools have their own uniform to represent them. However, some people still think that wearing uniforms at school is not a good idea. However, uniforms can teach students discipline, teach them to have pride of their school, and eliminating the gap between average and rich students.

First, schools can teach their students a sense of discipline when mandating a rule telling that wearing school uniforms is compulsory. Every time when students put on their clothes before going to school, they have to bear in their minds that the clothes they should pick is their school uniforms not the other stylish. Being taught this lesson every day, the students can make a good habit and attitude that can be very beneficial for them in the future when they have to obey many rules in their work and in the society.

Secondly, by wearing school uniform, students can be proud of their schools. Every morning when they stand in front of a mirror and look at their school uniforms, they can feel a sense of craving for going to their school, learn and to make new friends. Furthermore, when going outside with their school uniform put on, people can recognize what schools they are studying in by looking at the school logos.

Finally, there will be no gap between average and rich students when they all wear school uniform. Lots of students who come from average families feel uncomfortable and low when looking at the rich ones wearing luxurious and fashionable clothes. They do not have the courage to approach and talk with the fancy ones comfortably, resulting in an uncomfortable studying environment. Therefore, when all of the students are required to wear the same clothes to go to schools, there will be no difference between them. They can develop their friendships and be more focused on their studies.

To sum up,...
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