Uniforms Should Be Made Compulsory in All Polish Schools.

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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Uniforms should be made compulsory in all Polish schools.

Education is very important issue in modern day world, young people experience cutting throat competition when they trying to get to prestigious college and even worse when they trying to get well paid job. School period is very special for young people and being a student may be very enjoyable. I think that school uniforms should be made compulsory in all Polish schools.

Firstly, such obligation will influence discipline in very positive way. Students in uniforms will feel that they are part of something bigger and that they represent their school. I think that in such situation they will feel moral responsibility to act as polite and well educated people.

Secondly, uniforms will minimize visibility of financial differences. Young people whose families experiencing financial difficulties would wear the same clothes that would wear a children of wealthy businessmen. Such approach will help to create feeling of equal chances that will most likely give students motivation to work harder because they can achieve everything with hard work.

Some people keep saying that making school uniforms compulsory is very poor idea. They remember old polish uniforms, made of cheap material that does not look good and was not pleasant to touch, it was a gray, dull and clothes for both girls and boys looked the same. But abroad, in the United States or Great Britain, in every school from elementary to secondary school children wear uniforms and are very happy with them. However, they are colorful, tailored to each student individually and made according to the latest trends.

All in all, school uniforms will improve discipline and influence students in very positive way. Students would not be divided into rich and poor and will feel comfortable around their schoolmates. Moreover, polish uniforms can look very attractively, colorful with school logo and made of quality materials...
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