Student Politics in the Campus – Can It Be Permitted?

Topics: Political philosophy, Politics, Education Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: October 7, 2011
Students of today are the future guardians of our Nation’s destiny. They are the molders and builders of future India. Political Consciousness is, therefore, an indispensable factor, contributing to the growth and development of a healthy public opinion on the part of the future pillars of the nation. But in no case should this young men and women be allowed to be used as cat’s paw of the shellfish and self centered shoddy politicians. Students of India must promote a sub line sense of discipline which is one of the first essential requisites of democracy.

Should Indian students take part in politics or not, has been one of the most buff ling questions before our national leaders. During the British reign, Indian students, on one hand, were stirred up by a section of our leaders to take vigorous part in politics while, on the other, advised by the pro-British moderate group of leaders, to abstain from taking part in politics. However, we know that in the freedom movement of our country our students played their role as much seriously and vigorously as any other section of the community could have done. Mahatma Gandhi himself blessed and praised those students who had joined him in the Satyagraha movement. Even in the Historic fight of the Indians against British imperialist rule in 1942, students contributed their vital quota and responded to the call of the congress leaders most sincerely and zealously.

Today however after independence things have undergone change. If we were a subject nation still, politics would not interest us so much as it does now. With enfranchisement of the entire adult population, it is essential that every citizen, whether literate or not, knows his rights and duties and, as this knowledge mainly constitutes politics, it is difficult to draw line of distinction and their respective rights to take part in politics.

But, as a matter of fact it is conceivable that politics should have no place in the students’ minds in a...
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