The Advantages and Disadvantages of Plitics

Topics: Bangladesh, Political party, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Pages: 9 (2815 words) Published: November 22, 2010
At times it is said that “not a live one, but a rotten snail cuts one’s leg”. The proverb might become true in case of politics of the students of Bangladesh Awami League. Bangladesh Awami League (henceforth to be mentioned as AL) has excellent records winning by struggle with the odds, the brightest one being the liberation of Bangladesh. Naturally the people of Bangladesh have great expectations on this party. We already know after AL won in the 2009 election, apart from its foes, its students party started doing the worst enmity with the mother-party. Even though Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister and daughter of the father of the nation has been able to suppress them for the time being, the problem is not still over. And the problem would appear with all of its evil consequences to one who can realize the following :

(i) In the politics of our country the student-factions play extremely important role in the national politics. Naturally if AL withdraws them from the field, other political parties would enjoy the consequential advantage. Even some of their student leaders may join other parties with the objective of taking revenge.

(ii) Unquestionably there is need for the students to learn politics such that they can love the people and the country, which is the first step of being the leaders.

On the other hand,

(iii) If AL allows their student faction to work, no government, no person or organization would be able to it committing the worst for the party. Needless to mention that working for the ruling party means earning easy money. Naturally the greedy young men from other parties or no party would come to join this student-faction. If AL says that they are capable of controlling the leaders of their student party, we would say that they would not be able even to stop the joining of leaders from outside, not to say anything about stopping their evil activities.

In such a complicated situation the second challenge before the ruling Awami League government is, how to solve the problem generated due to the “working” or “non-working” of the Chhatra League. In presenting our solution we shall briefly mention the past history of student politics in this country as a prelude to our submissions.


Those who can remember student-politics in educational institutions in East Pakistan during pre-Ayub Khan period know, how immensely it used to help the new students, specially those coming from the rural areas, in getting proper information and facilities in the institution. During this time, one or two months after the beginning of the new session the authority used to arrange students election (Chhatra Sangsad Nirbachan). The prominent parties were Chhatra League, Chhatra Union and some local parties.

A student coming from a village, sharing a bed with a senior student having no knowledge of where to stay, where to go for various purposes, how to earn money for bearing expenses and so on and thus emerged in a complete hoax might have met a senior student, who would introduce himself and ask his name and other information. The senior student would have continued a long discussion, by dint of which all the problems of the new comer would have vanished. And the senior boy did all these only for a vote for his party. The friendship and easy acquaintance with the educational institution that a student cannot do within 4 or five years were done in that age within a month. Definitely the election was full of excitement, and there was negligible cases of clash.

FIRST POLLUTION BY GEN. AYUB KHAN : The first pollution in students-politics took place in this land due to field martial Ayub Khan, the president of Pakistan (1958-69). Ayub Khan became the leader of a political party where he accumulated the notorious people like Monaem Khan and formed its students’ faction with the name National Students Front (NSF). In the then East Pakistan, notorious Monayen Khan became the best patron of...
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