Student Level Factors

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School Level Factors

It is very important that we as an educationally unit establish effective factors that can be used in our school system today. There is a true difference when comparing an effective school with one that is ineffective. The fact that effective schools have a higher passing rate than that of an ineffective school, the statistics say an effective school has 65.8% passing and 34.2% failing, as opposed to an ineffective school with 34.2% passing and 65.8% failing. Therefore, why are the ineffective schools not achieving that of the effective schools? Ineffective schools lack the ability to set goals and pursue them.

Over thirty-five years there has been this on going research of school effectiveness. This consisted of a list of school-level factors that researchers feel is the key traits of an effective school. The most famous list of school-level factors came from Good and Brophy during the 1970’s. Good and Brophy listed five factors that were important; Strong administration

Basic skill acquisition
High expectation for student achievement
Safe and Orderly atmosphere for conducive learning

Monitoring student progress
Good and Brophy factor list creates a great start for any school that was looking to change their dynamics and become that effective school. It is very important to have a strong administration much more leadership that will aid in building up the basic skill of acquisition. It is extremely vital that students receive the highest level of expectation; a wise man once said, “Reach for the moon and if you miss you fall among the stars”. In essence, reach for your goal and even if you do not get there, you will be closer than you were before.

Levine and Lezotte, another research group proposed their list of school-level factors that contained two more factors than that of Good and Brophy did not list: Practiced-oriented staff development

Prominent parent involvement
It is essential that staff...
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