Student Assessment Handbook for Science Grade 11&12

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Issue Introduction The Benefits Of Continuous Assessment Assessment Tools End-of-Semester Examination format for Grades 11 and 12 Moderation Biology/ Chemistry/ Physics Assessment Sheet for Grade 11 Biology/ Chemistry/ Physics Assessment Sheet for Grade 12

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This ‘Student Assessment Handbook’ (SAH) is based on the official guidelines for assessment issued by the Directorate-General of Educational Evaluation (DGEE) of the Ministry of Education to provide information and guidance for teachers and supervisors on the assessment of students studying Science in Grades 11 & 12.

Continuous Assessment (CA) includes a range of different assessment techniques which can be used in the classroom to gather information about student’s learning. Summative assessment is assessment of student’s learning, with the aim of providing evidence for reporting to parents and others. Its purpose is to measure standards.

Formative assessment is assessment for learning, with the aim of helping students to achieve the relevant learning outcomes. Its purpose is to improve standards.

Both summative and formative assessments are important and valuable; neither should be neglected.

The most important ways in which Continuous Assessment (CA) can be beneficial are:  It is based on a positive view of assessment as a natural part of the teaching   learning process. It allows assessment of learning outcomes which are, for practical reasons, difficult to assess by means of formal testing. It can provide a fairer, more balanced picture of student’s achievement, especially for those who become nervous during formal tests. It provides information about student’s learning at an early stage, making it possible for action to be taken promptly, while the academic year is still in progress. It encourages teachers to have good idea about the performance of all their students and to closely observe individual student’s on-going progress and development.


 It (possibly) motivates students to work hard consistently, if they know that their everyday work in class contributes to their report card assessment.

D. Tools & Techniques for Continuous Assessment
This Section provides further information and explanation regarding the various tools and techniques, which can be used for assessment purposes in science during the semester: i.

Homework MUST:       Be related to the curriculum outcomes. Be assessed twice per semester. The average mark of the assessed homework is taken into account. The teacher must not consider the highest mark only. Prepared by the teacher. Contain extended questions that vary between knowledge & understanding, application and reasoning questions. Cater for the different needs and different levels of the students. The teacher should take the following into account: Assess every time a group of students with different learning levels of extended questions. Follow up homework regularly and give feedback on time. It is advisable to include homework in the scheme of the work.


Short tests
The following criteria must be taken in to consideration while preparing the short tests: 1. There will be two short tests in each semester; each one worth 10 marks. For Grade 12 the average of these tests must be taken at the end of the semester, while for Grade 11 the sum is counted to be 20 marks. 2. The teacher should inform the student about the date of the test. 3. The short test must be short lasting no more than 20 minutes. 3

4. The test must be set according to the approved curriculum outcomes.

5. The test must cover different units or chapters (this is to ensure that each course topic is tested over time). 6. Each short test must consist of two parts: (40% Multiple-choice items and 60% Extended response items). - Question 1:...
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