Topics: Strauss and Howe, Generation Y, Generation X Pages: 3 (948 words) Published: February 28, 2013
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The Y generation could be the greatest since the Greatest Generation. They witnessed the tragic events of 9/11 and, in an instant, learned that life, in America, would never be the same. They like many from the Greatest Generation only know a world in peril. They aren’t the, “buy it now and use credit,” baby-boomer generation, or as self absorbed and individualistic as the gen Xers. This generation realizes we are a global nation; they witnessed and perhaps experienced the downturn of the economy, either through family, friends or personal experience. They enjoy themselves, but know what is necessary and of value. The Y generation is committed to work, but only if there is a purpose in doing so. They are willing to spend money to achieve a worthwhile goal, but again there is a caveat. Their expenditure must be of quality and substance. The Y generation makes prudent decisions that offer enrichment to their lives, rather than just the comfort of it. They are technologically experienced and want a product that is cutting edge, efficient, and has expandable components. The ad suggests, playing on words and language, what you would do, buy a pair of frilly dress pumps, costing $350.00, or show maturity by investing in your future. In a moment’s notice, possessions can be taken away from us; once obtained, education, knowledge, and wisdom is always ours. The ad is telling us we should invest in ourselves, and the young woman is clearly making the right choice. She is not struggling with her decision; she knows what will give her the edge in today’s competitive job market. In an article posted on the AOL Jobs web page, “Why It Pays to Be Bilingual,” (AOL Jobs Contributor, Posted Jan 26th 2009) they confirm what Rosetta Stone is stating. “Thirty-one percent of executives speak two languages, according to a poll of 12,562 visitors to the Korn/Ferry International Web site. An...
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