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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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Unmanned drones making U.S. a Predator nation

Unmanned drones are a generational step into military history; however the question whether the uses of these devices are making countries such as the U.S into a ‘Predator nation’ needs to be discussed. To determine this attribute the defining of a ‘Predator nation’ and discussion of the different aspects of the term becomes a key element of the discussion. The research into the American military system is important to see whether the U.S has become paranoid and is now overspending. Observing the countries that have been infiltrated by unmanned drones is essential in piecing together the nature of the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). “It’s like living under a bomb that could go off at any time, and it’s the Americans doing it,”. The final aspect intention is why the American people and leaders feel that these Unmanned drones are really necessary and whether the drones are doing more harm than good. “This is a tough call. Drone warfare has done a lot of good for the U.S., and could cause Americans a lot of harm.”. These three viewpoints will draw in the conclusion whether the United Sates is in fact a predator nation. To proclaim that the U.S is in effect a ‘predator nation’ one must define and distinguishes the components of a ‘predator nation’. A predator is described as one entity praying on another, however are the American people as a whole ‘preying’ on other nations? “Whatever that “city,” that dream, was once imagined to be, it has undergone a largely unnoticed metamorphosis in the twenty-first century.  It has become -- even in our dreams -- an up-armoured garrison encampment, just as Washington itself has become the heavily fortified bureaucratic heartland of a war state.” Identifying past predator nations however has become a struggle to define, we must now look to see whether the U.S nation is in fact spending more time, money and resources on their modern warfare system than is completely necessary. The...
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