Stryker Case Study

Topics: Hip replacement, Hip, Orthopedic surgery Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: October 27, 2012
1. Discuss the extent to which the characteristics of well-functioning, effective groups accurately describe the Freiburg hip replacement navigation system team.

The purpose for teams is to combine a group of members to work together to accomplish certain goals that cannot be achieved effectively by an individual. Although each team member’s abilities were important, how those abilities fit together was equally important. Welte assembled a team of the best people at Freiburg in operations, computer-aided design, engineering, and research. He looked to Sarvestani for "structured analysis," thorough communication, and follow-through.

2. Explain why teamwork is important to effectively solve the problems which field testing of the hip replacement navigation system revealed.

Some people who were very strong in mechanics, and others who were stronger in electronics, others who were strong in processes, others who were strong in how to validate designs. That was all brought together into one master plan. Without each individual no one area of the hip replacement navigation system could be completed as each individual team player brought a different aspect to the completion of the system.

3. Describe how the task functions and maintenance functions are operating within the Freiburg team.

Group members may assign different functions to different members. Since all the functions are necessary for effective group work, members should assume unfilled roles as needed. the Freiburg team addressed each problem separately, beginning with the most crucial issue and working down to the relatively minor problems. The solution for each problem was thoroughly tested before moving on to the next issue. Consequently, the team did not have a fully assembled prototype until all the problems were addressed. This approach proved successful, both in terms of the ultimate success of the prototype design and the team working effectively together as...
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