Stroke Epidemiology

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Table of content
1.3Key terms
1.4Scope of report
1.5Thesis statement
2.0Literature review
2.2Cause / risk factor
2.4Holistic treatment


A stroke is a disease that is eventually referring to the term "brain attack". The brain attacks causes the brain cells to die and eventually the ability that is covered by that part of the brain will be lost. The loss of ability is usually include many abilities. However, stroke can affect the patient in different ways as due to the part of the brain that is damaged and how severe the damage might be. (UF & Shands, 2012) Stroke is usually defined as two types of stroke which are ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke. Stroke is the reduction or disruption in blood flow that can be disastrous as it can cause death. (Harver Simon, 2011)

To investigate the awareness of the community on the lifestyle disease which is relevant to their lifestyle. Other than that, the way of treating stroke can also be known beside knowing the risk of getting stroke.

1.3Key terms
Ischemic - relating to or affected by ischemia (Free Dictionary by Farlex, 2012) Ischemia - A decrease in the blood supply to a bodily organ, tissue, or part caused by constriction or
obstruction of the blood vessels. (Free Dictionary by Farlex, 2012)
- the deficiency of oxygen in vital tissues (Harvey Simon, 2011) Hemorrhagic - of or relating to hemorrhage (Free Dictionary by Farlex, 2012) Hemorrhage - Excessive discharge of blood from the blood vessels; profuse bleeding. (Free

Dictionary by Farlex, 2012)
- sudden bleeding into or around brain (Harvey Simon, 2011)

1.4Scope of report
This report that is made based on the research done includes the epidermiology of stroke disease. Other than that, the risk factors is also being researched together so that hte causes of stroke can be known. Besides that, the symptoms of stroke is made to be known so that this disease can be identified in early stages. The holistic treatment is also included in the research to provide information on the treatment of stroke.

1.5Thesis statement
Stroke which is a lifestyle disease should be made to known among the community so that the causes can be avoided by the people and the number of people suffering from stroke can be cut down and thus, the government can cut down on the money spent for treating this disease.

2.0Literature review

The epidermiology of stroke is quite spreading in the countries especially in the countries which are developed as the people live an easy and sedentary lives with unhealthy lifestyles. All the countries which have epidemiological data of stroke are countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore. These countries usually keep the strokes disease in the rank as the second or third leading causes of death in the population. On the other hand, Malaysia, Thailand, Phillippines and Indonesia are countries with moderate epidemiological data of stroke. The available epidemiological data of stroke from these countries are mainly the hospital-based information whereas the community-based studies are still in the planning stage. Besides, India is the only country with fair epidemiological data of stroke that is available. The limitations of epidemiological study of stroke in India are due to their huge population size, poor income and also limited health care resources. (, 2000)

As stroke is one of the leading cause of the morbidity and mortality in the present developed world, the review of the prevalence of stroke disease is made in the East Asia region. Based on the English language epidemiologic studies of stroke that was published from 1984 through 2004 were identified to be for the East...
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