Strictly Ballroom

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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In the film ‘strictly Ballroom’ to ‘belong’ in the world of ballroom dancing, to belong in this word it is a about conforming and giving up ones individuality. Buz Lurhmann, the director of the film ‘strictly Ballroom’ uses camera angles, costume, music, lighting, dialogue, and symbolism to highlight the importance of finding ones individuality to belong and challenge the status que. The audience are portrayed to realise that one must never compromise their individuality. A true sense of belonging is found when one is true to them. Lurhmann successfully portrays the idea of belonging and self-identity through the use of symbolism. The red curtains in the opening sequence symbolise that the world of ballroom dancing is a world of theatre and performance. The Dancers are all living in a fake world; they are not true to themselves except Fran. Fran is the only character that is living a natural and true world whilst other characters are unrealistic and wear exaggerate costumes, hairstyles, and make-up. The audience are soon portrayed that the dancers live in a world of pressure and competition where to win; they must obey the rules of others, such as Barry Fife. It is a world in which individuality and creativity are thrown away in the desire to win. Lurhmann successfully shows the audience that Fran does not simply belong to this world. The title itself is indicated that the world of ballroom dancing is a world that is bound by rigid rules and regulations that must be obeyed, it is a traditional world. The audience are soon positioned that the dancers live in a world of burden and competition where to win; one must follow the rules of others. Liz Holt’s character epitomises the attitudes of the dance federation. Liz refuses to dance with Scott because he doesn’t dance how ‘he’s suppose to”; the rejection of Scott is affected to her because she simply scared of losing at the Pan pacific. Liz belongs to a world where dance is exaggerated and winning is an...
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