Stress Management in the Workplace

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ORG 5270: Mental Health & Psychopathology in the Workplace 1 Week 2 Online Writing Assignment

Consultant For Methodist Hospital: "Stress Management Module"

Tomeka Flowers

ORG 5270

University of the Rockies

ORG 5270: Mental Health & Psychopathology in the Workplace 2 Week 2 Online Writing Assignment

In recent months Methodist Hospital have developed a stress management program. The organization is struggling in their ability consistently manage the program. Though stress management program was designed to offer services that can be beneficial and to their staff, they seem to be able to inspire employees to take advantage of these services. As a result, if not utilized by employees, the program is at risk for a possible budget cut. As consultant for “Methodist Hospital,” this case study will examine the current stress management program designed by the leadership team. The objective of this study will be to compare the current management program with other programs determining which will be best for the company. These options will be implemented immediately allowing employees to utilize them now in the present and in the future to manage work-stress issues that may arise. The case study will take into account options that business savvy and cost efficient. If needed, in the future a evaluation of the options will take place determining the need for adjustment.

ORG 5270: Mental Health & Psychopathology in the Workplace 3 Week 2 Online Writing Assignment

The price of stress in the workplace has become a concern for many businesses. Workers are fatifued and more prone to make mistakes which can result in costing organizations millions of dollars. In order to consistently provide a stress free work environment, Methodist Hospital has implemented a stress model in hopes of increasing employee productivity and decreasing the cost of health that's incurred for stress related job issues. Below is a model of the current program that “Methodist Hospital” is using.

Methodist Hospital Corporate Wellness Programs (current model)

Healthy Lifestyle Assessment
Cholesterol Screens
Blood Pressure
Vision and Glaucoma Screens
Body Fat Analysis
Bone Density
Influenza Vaccinations
Travel Health Vaccinations
Cancer Screens
Heart Screens

ORG 5270: Mental Health & Psychopathology in the Workplace 4 Week 2 Online Writing Assignment

For true wellness, stress management and other healthy habits are essential. In addition to screenings offered are a series of behavioral and educational programs and stress reduction services in the work environment. These include: Stress Management Programs

Smoking Cessation Programs
Weight Loss Programs
Nutritional and Fitness Program
Wellness @ Work Program
Diabetes Prevention and Management
Massage Therapy
Guided Meditation
Educational Seminars
Health Fairs
After evaluation of the current stress management program used by Methodist Hospital, as consultant, it my suggestion that a few new approaches are structured into the system. Whatever approaches are used, a well thought-out stress management strategy should be a component of a company- wide wellness program aimed at all workers. This proposed model will include multiple approaches and be customized to the needs and resources of Methodist Hospital. The following strategies can help improve productivity and lower costs.

ORG 5270: Mental Health & Psychopathology in the Workplace 5 Week 2 Online Writing Assignment

1. Assessment: The specific causes of stress may be uncovered by evaluating absenteeism, illness, turnover rates and performance. As a result, some programs implemented may not be needed, saving the company man power and money. 2. Encourage Maximum Participation: encourage employees to participate by reminding them that the services are free and confidential. 3. Apply Organizational...
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