Stress Management

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Stress Management

Project Description:
In the following project you will create a short document to be used as a handout at a seminar entitled Stress Management: the good, the bad, and the useful. You will make formatting changes and insert graphics to make this document look more professional.

For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks: StepInstructionsPoints Possible
1Start Word. Download and open the file named GO_w01_Grader_IR.docx.0 2Press CTRL+END. Insert the text from the downloaded document w01_insert.docx using the Insert Text from File command.7 3Set all margins in the document to 1 inch. Select the entire document. Set the spacing after to 6 pt and the line spacing to 1.15 for all paragraphs.12 4Move the insertion point to the beginning of the paragraph that begins Although chronic stress and insert the downloaded picture file w01_calm.jpg. Change the height of the picture to 3 inches. Change the wrapping style to Square. Apply the Reflected Rounded Rectangle picture style. Apply the Pastels Smooth artistic effect to the picture.10 5Center align the paragraph that begins a seminar provided. Apply a first line 0.5-inch indentation to the paragraph beginning Although chronic stress.6 6Select the title of the document, Stress Management and the paragraph mark that follows it. Format the text using the Gradient Fill - Blue, Accent 1 style text effect.10 7Format the three paragraphs containing External, Internal, and Survival as a bulleted list using the checkmark bullet style.6 8Move the insertion point to the blank line after the paragraph that begins Having a stress management system. Type 1. Identify good and bad stress zones and then press ENTER. Type Develop healthy ways to relieve bad stress, press ENTER and then type Continually reassess (no period). (Note: the second and third paragraphs should be numbered automatically).6 9Add a Box page border to the...
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