Stress in Military Recruiting

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Stress in Military Recruiting
Mr. Don Lockhart
MGMT 591-Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Dr. Anthony Spivey
20 July 2012

The Indiana Army National Guard was officially established in 1846 in support of the Mexican-American War and has been present at every military engagement since. There are three primary units that make up the Indiana Army National Guard: the 38th Infantry Division, the 219th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, and the 76th Infantry Brigade Combat Team. In total, there are over 12,000 soldiers serving the great state of Indiana in every Military Occupational Skill (MOS) available. In addition, there are two major units in the Air National Guard that serve the state in a joint effort to help protect and defend not only the great state of Indiana, but also the United States of America.

Military life is not easy. It is not a typical nine-to-five job. There are no normal days. It is an extremely dangerous profession where it is not only your life that hangs in the balance of your decisions but others as well. There are many faces of a soldier. You are a weapon, a defender, a friend and a deadly enemy. You have to be able to make decisions quickly without receiving much information. You must lead soldiers while being led. The ability to give lawful orders and have them executed in precision efficiency is equally important to follow orders in the same fashion. Probably the worst part of the job is the amount of time that is usually required to be spent away from your loved ones. Most military deployments are for the Army is one year but you are actually will be gone for at least 15 months. Thankfully, modern technology allows soldiers to stay in contact with family members but saying I love you through Skype does not make up for missing your little boy’s first homerun or your daughter’s first crush. And although I was very grateful for the computer, I can personally say that it does not even come close to replacing my wonderful wife’s loving arms. If that is not enough, there always seems to be somebody that wants to kill you. These are some of the reasons why there is a very high turnover rate in the military. These life or death scenarios and other discouraging events may seem exciting at first, but do not translate well as the soldier begins to mature and add family members. As a result, many do not reenlist after their initial contract expires. So how does the Army refill its gaping holes left by attrition? That is where the Indiana Army National Guard recruiter enters the mix. Problem Statement

There probably is no more difficult job in the military than that of the recruiter. Long hours, bad reputations and thankless performance are just a few of the things that plague the position. I remember on the first day of Recruiting School at Camp Robinson, Arkansas, the Commandant of the school came in and asked us how many of us were married. Out of the 300 or so soldiers in the room, roughly half of us raised our hands. He went on to state that by the end of our tour, a third of us would be divorced. Although I had already performed the duties of a recruiter for two months prior going to school, it was then and there that I realized how difficult this job was going to be.

How can we ease the stress levels and the burden on the recruiters without compromising the mission? That seems to be the million dollar question. Literature Review
1. Tan, M. (December 5, 2011). Garnett News Service. In Army recruiters raise bar as drawdown nears. Retrieved August 10, 2012, from

This website discusses the increased difficulties in enlisting into the military. Qualifications do have a tendency to change regularly depending upon the overall strength of the National Guard. The closer to the authorized number, the tougher it is to get in. Lately, however, the restrictions have been...
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