Motivation, Stress, and Communication

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Employment Pages: 5 (1528 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Motivation, Stress, and Communication
Arla R. Payne
Dr. Peter DeDominici
Leadership and Organizational Behavior
November 14th, 2012

Research a company at which you would like to work

My paper is a research paper on motivation, stress and communication on a company I have chosen to work for. The company is the State’s Probation/Parole Office and I will touch on the following items: * A brief job description for a position within the company I researched that I would like to fill. * Discuss ways that goal setting could be used to motivate my performance after I fill the position. * Analyze my reactions to stressful situations and discuss the steps I could take to manage the stress associated with my new position * Describe how I would address nonverbal and cultural barriers to communication. . Stressful situations on the job can decrease an employee’s motivation, which is why steps to managing stressful situation are also pointed out in the paper, also I must be aware of the company’s goals and missions, the goals really have to be aligned with the mission, vision and strategy of the business. The paper will mention ways to cope with non-verbal and cultural barriers to communication, which is essential factor in maintaining employee satisfaction and motivation to help achieve the office of Probation and Parole goals.

The Company

The state’s Probation/Parole officers are overworked and stretched too thin, making their vital public safety role more difficult to fulfill As the backbone of the probation and parole process, parole agents are on the frontline in providing both supervision and counseling to offenders. These men and women operate to uphold the law and safeguard the public from criminal activity during an inmate’s transition from incarceration to the community. Prior to release from incarceration, Institutional Parole Agents assist individual offenders with parole planning and completion of documents and reports to help determine parole consideration eligibility. These agents work in each of the state correctional institutions.

Every day, parole agents in our communities are actively supervising offenders by meeting with employers, touching base with counselors, and working with their family members. Parole agents are sworn peace officers who work primarily in the community, seeing parolees at home, at work and on the streets. They are on call 24/7 to respond to emergencies and urgent problems. The parole agents work collaboratively with local law enforcement, treatment providers, social service agencies and a variety of other programs, groups and individuals involved with the parolees. Probation officers check in with offenders who are not in prison, making sure they are abiding by the law, staying in the area and participating in any court ordered rehabilitative programs. There are too many offenders, and not enough probation officers to supervise them, the job requires an agent to wear multiple hats: enforcement officer, behavioral counselor, social worker and job counselor.

How Goal Setting could motivate my performance after I fulfill the position.
Goal setting is a key mechanism for increasing job satisfaction and performance because it permits employees to be self-motivated (Hellreigel & Slocum, 2011, p. 202). By having goals, I will know exactly what is expected of me as an employee. Without structured goals, employees are left to their own accord with nothing to push them to perform which in turn will cause employees to be less productive.

According to Hellriegel and Slocum, motivation “represent the forces acting on or within a person that cause a person to behave in a specific, goal-direct manner” (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011 pg 158 ). Helping an employee to channel their motivation to effectively accomplish the organization’s goal is one way to set and attain goals. The steps to getting the employee successful in their job position begin with motivation. I...
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