Street Art Proctection Debate

Topics: Art, Street art, Aesthetics Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Should Street art be protected?

The definition of art is relative, therefore the definition of street art. It has always been a disagreement whether street art is actually real art or just vandalism. Some people thinks is not worth it and others put a high price on it. From this arguments, the question if street art should be protected or not, is always on the table. We have been doing “street art” since the prehistoric; some of them have been conserve and other has just disappear with time. But should we conserve all of our art on the walls today? Or just erase them all?

The Human being has been expressing themselves with art since the first caveman draw the very first line on a cave. They draw every experience they had; hunting, fishing, spiritual practice or even daily life stories. For them, this action was their language. Thanks to those drawings we know how they used to live and survived, we got to know their society. It’s history through drawings. We preserve and take care of these drawings for future generation, so they can also appreciate and learn from them. Just as cave paintings, gratifies nowadays are the same, they have a message that talk about our society in somehow. But most people just reject it. They don’t see the value of the message or how this is a language for some groups.

Some people think that street art is just gratifies of gangs on a wall. They don’t find it neither interesting nor appealing. And even if they do, they won’t admit it. The idea of having their houses or neighborhood cover with street art is loathsome. If their houses were ever cover with this kind of stuff they were just painted over. On the other hand there is another group of people who really appreciates the beauty and message of this kind of art. They see it as a critique of society and a contribution to the community. They won’t care if their houses or communities are decorated with street art; on the contrary, they would pay a large sum of...
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