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Topics: YouTube, Website Pages: 7 (2626 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Running head: GETMERECRUITED.COM: THE FUTURE OF ONLINE The Future of Online Recruiting Services Lamont Taylor
Capella University The Future of Online Recruiting Services Introduction (GMR) is a relatively new online recruiting service that was established in August 2012. It is a web-based business designed to help male high school basketball players prepare and succeed in their aspirations to secure an athletic scholarship for college. The mission statement of GMR is To be personally involved in the collegiate basketball recruiting process one recruit at a time… helps athletes increase their exposure to potential recruiting colleges in several different ways. One such way is by preparing recruitment packages. These packages include the player’s schedule, a welcome letter, statistics, photos, videos, contact information, and other items that may be helpful in the player’s recruiting profile. Other services offered by GMR are one-on-one consultations, video editing, profile creation, personal basketball training, preparing target college lists, academic monitoring, evaluation reports, discounts to high profile camps and tournaments, and a speech assessment to help with public speaking. All of these services are offered under a premium membership for a one-time fee. GMR is one of many recruiting websites that have appeared in recent years as a result of the way colleges now recruit. Online recruiting services provide colleges with the opportunity to have access to many potential athletic recruits at the click of a button. Does have a successful web layout? What changes will be needed in order to make GMR the future of online recruiting services? These are questions that will be addressed in this assessment paper. Current Use of the Web is a web-based company; therefore, the majority of their marketing, revenue, and other transactions are handled through the website. Currently it uses the web to market basketball players in the 9th grade all the way up to the prep school player. Prep school players are athletes who decided for one reason or another they needed an extra year of high school before entering the college atmosphere. This could be to improve their academic scores, work on their physical agility, or want to open up their recruitment another year with the hopes of receiving more options. GMR allows any high school player to register to their website for free and create a basic profile. This profile contains information such as height, weight, high school attending, statistics, a profile picture, college offers, and their hometown. This is vital in the current world of recruiting because college coaches have the opportunity to log on to the website at any time and browse through the player profiles for potential recruits. Not only has GMR allowed potential recruits the opportunity to register to the website for free, but they have all also extended this to the college coaches as well. College and prep school coaches can register their schools to the website and have access to a player’s game film, contact information, and statistics. Although it is not required that a coach registers to take advantage of the services, GMR suggests that it is highly recommended for easier navigation. has also developed relationships with many trainers, camp directors, and tournament directors who can advertise their business on the website for free. This in turn gives the registered players a seemingly unlimited amount of choices from organizations around the country to further enhance their basketball skills. Meanwhile, GMR gets in return exposure on the websites of these other organizations, the appearance of many connections on their own website, and players who are happy with the large amount of choices to choose from. Another crucial way GMR utilizes the web is through social media. GMR has...
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