Strategy Analysis of Private Clinic Almaty, Kazakhstan

Topics: Strategic management, Medicine, Kazakhstan Pages: 15 (4865 words) Published: July 4, 2012
Profile and Strategy Analysis of the

“Private Clinic Almaty”

Course: Strategic Management

Semester:Summer 1

Company Overview

The medical center “Private Clinic Almaty” is located in one of the most non-polluting areas Almaty, can be considered as the best medical center of Republic. “Private Clinic Almaty” provides services related most of the urgent problems connected with health. It appreciates its clients, partners and friends. For this reason, in the clinic employs best doctors who have been trained in the USA, the countries of Western Europe, received certificates of the western medical institutions, and also the best foreign experts in various branches of medicine work. Services of the hospital include diagnostic, polyclinic, hospital, laboratory, pregnancy and birth control – whole range of the common medical services. The Mission of “Private Clinic Almaty” is to contribute to the development of Medicine in Almaty. Clinic’s objective is to have highly educated and the qualified personnel who with achievements in the field of treatment and diagnostics. The clinic collective represents a uniform command of doctors, staff nurses and the support personnel, frame for patients quiet, benevolent atmosphere. At the heart of all work with the patient shall be the cooperation principle. Despite a considerable quantity of the various experts, each patient who has addressed in the medical center has the doctor who if necessary directs it on consultation to other experts. As a result, for each patient the individual collective of doctors which together discuss the diagnosis is formed and develop the treatment plan. The Center works under the motto - "complex treatment and an individual approach" Additionally company vision include provision of medical services by highly skilled experts and using best of equipment for medical diagnostic with cooperation with leading scientific and practical medical institutions of the world are guarantors of conformity of quality of medical services to the international standards. Market for the medical services is already highly competitive with many compnies providing similar services. Among the major competitors in Almaty are On Clinic, Vek, Medical Dostar Center, Medical Assistant Group and State medical institutions

External Analysis: Macro-environmental- PESTLE


Stability of the political regime plays an important role to stability of the company. Some risks could arise if there will shifts in power structures of the country that might have an impact on economic wellbeing of the citizens Another one important factor is that medical organizations are exempt from corporate income tax according to the Article 135 of the Tax Code. However it does not include cosmetologic services.


According to RK agency for March, 2012, in a regional cut the Mangistausky area where workers earnings have 196 000 tenges became the leader under the average salary. For March 2012, level of the average salary has come nearer to a mark in 150 104 tenges, and in Almaty – 132 761 tenges. Least for the accounting period representatives of the North Kazakhstan area – 66 000 tenges a month earned. In a branch cut the highest average salary for March, 2012 is noticed in working out of open-cast mines and mining sector – 209 000 tenges that in 2,1 times exceeds an average index about the country. The least average salary for March, 2012 is fixed at workers fish, wood and agriculture – 42 500 tenges. Other Important factors are stability of the prices – 7% for the year 2010 based on world bank data. It is considered a normal level of inflation. However the most important economic indicator is price for oil that play an important role to purchasing power of people. It is currently growing that is a good sign for future. According to the data of the Salary calculator, the most highly...
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