Strategies for Positive Thinking

Topics: Thought, Optimism, Is the glass half empty or half full? Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: June 7, 2011
Strategies for positive thinking
Much of what we experience in our life depends on what we pay attention to. Every day, some things may go right and some things may go wrong. If we give more attention to the things that go right and dwell on those things, you’ll experience more happiness. 1. Think constructively. For positive thinking to truly make a difference in our life, we must replace negative thoughts as they occur. Most important, however, is the need to get whatever benefits we can out of the negative thought before we erase it from our mind. * Instead of ignoring our negative thought and hoping it will go away, ask ourself if the critic inside of us is trying to teach you something valuable. Take note of the lesson, and then quickly discard the negative thought. Replace it with a positive perspective on the same situation. * Whenever we experience negative thinking, we have to ask ourself: “What else could this mean?” If someone treats us unfairly, it could mean that they don’t like us very much. But it probably means they’re just having a bad day. How can you help? Do you see how this question can change our entire outlook?

2. Use positive affirmations. Often, when faced with a stressful situation, we resort to a pattern of thinking and behaving that has become a habit. How do we create new habits that support our success instead of sabotaging it? Positive affirmations are the key. * Write out the things we want in life and the qualities we want to possess. Write these statements in the present tense, and use positive language. Repeat these statements to ourselves over and over again. WE have to do this every day, and before long we’ll strongly believe the words of the affirmation we’ve created for ourselves. * If a habit of thinking is holding one back, what’s stopping one from creating a new habit? Try this immediately and experience its power for oneself. 3. Smile and be thankful.

* Smile and greet everyone we meet warmly. Smiles are...
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