Strategies Followed for Implementation of Five Year Plan of India

Topics: Forestry, Environmentalism, Conservation movement Pages: 211 (56272 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Report of




Government of India
Planning Commission

New Delhi

(March, 2007)



Executive Summary(v)

Chapter 1: Introduction1

At the Cross-roads
Ground policies and programmes in scientific understanding Infuse a spirit of partnership throughout the spectrum of environmental management in the country
Promote agricultural growth and support systems for farm economy Promote rural small scale enterprises
Ensure convergence with NREGP to augment ecological resource base Promote synergies with JNNURM and Bharat Nirman

Chapter 2: Present scenario9

Environment Sector
Air pollution
Hazardous and biomedical waste
Sustainable Development and International Commitments
Biodiversity and conservation
Rivers and Lakes Conservation
Forests and Wildlife
Reasons for Degradation
Management and policy perspective
Participatory Management or Joint Forest Management
Forest and bio-diversity conservation – Policy and legal measures Forest Products and services
Fuel Wood
Non Wood Forest Produce
Social and Agro-forestry
Investment in Forestry sector development

Chapter 3: Review of Performance in Tenth Plan19

The National Environment Policy
Air Pollution
Water Pollution
Solid Waste Management
International Agreements and Conventions
Information, R & D and Technology
Environmental Education, Training and Information
Centres of Excellence
Energy conservation and climate change

National River Conservation Plan
Ganga River
Who will pay?
Examining the sewage question
National Lake Conservation Plan

Forestry and Wildlife
Forest cover
Joint Forest Management
Greening India
NWFP (NTFP), Tribals and Forest Villages
Integrated Forest Protection and Management
Forest Management, policy and law

Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation
Development of National Parks and Sanctuaries
Project Tiger (now converted into National Tiger Conservation Authority) Project Elephant
Protection of Wildlife outside Protected Areas
Research and Education
Indian Plywood Industries Research and Training Institute (IPIRTI) Wild Life Institute of India
Indian Institute of Forest Management
Forestry Training
Forest Survey of India
Resource assessment and information base

Animal Welfare

Chapter 4: Environment: Strategies, proposals and allocations for the Eleventh Five Year Plan43

Environment and Development
The regulatory challenge
Strengthening the framework of governance
Commission for Sustainable Development & District Paryavaran Vahinis Environmental impact appraisal, clearance including forest clearance Strengthening and repositioning the Central and State Pollution Control Boards as Environmental Protection Authorities

International Agreements and Conventions
Global climate change

Pollution Abatement
Air pollution management
Water pollution
Solid and hazardous waste

Aquatic Ecosystems
National River Conservation Plan
Re-design river cleaning
National Lake Conservation Plan
Coastal Zone Management

Environmental Education, Monitoring and Information Management Environmental Awareness and Education
National Environmental Monitoring Programme
Biodiversity Inventory and Monitoring,
Forest cover monitoring
Ecosystem Service Flows & Values (Hydrological...
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