Strategies and Working Practices Used to Minimise Abuse

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  • Published : November 9, 2010
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P5= Describe strategies and working practices used to minimise abuse. In this assignment i will be describing different strategies and working practices used in different health and social care settings to minimise abuse. Looking at different characteristics of abuse is the fundamental part in trying to minimise abuse. There are different types of strategies i will be describing the following six: Written and Oral Communications

Anti-Discriminatory Practices

Use of IT


Needs Assessment
Personal Centred practices

Care planning Cycle

Needs assessment:

The needs assessment relates to an individual’s care and personal needs, the assessment centres on the activity for daily living and the care needs of the individual being met. The needs assessment is used within different types of health and social care settings and involves other professions being informed.

Here is an example of the needs assessment for the daily living: * Personal hygiene (going to the toilet and having a shower) * Mobility (walking)
* Eating
* Maintaining a safe environment
* Dying
* Getting dressed
* Sleeping
* Communication needs
* Medication
* Controlling body temperature
The approach of the needs assessment identifies the needs of individual in a `HOLISTIC` view, which means they don’t only focus on one aspect of the individuals needs but focuses on the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, sexual needs of the individual The needs assessment of an individual being met helps to minimise any abuse within the health and social care context because the individual is looked at holistically and nit ignored. In addition because other professions could look at the needs assessment of the individual, it means that it will be easier in finding a different approach for the service user. Looking at the service users needs in a holistic way would also meet the activities for a daily living of the...
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