Strategically Timing a Message

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Strategically Timing a Message:
How Timing Affects the Interpersonal Communication Between Men and Their Creator

The Christian experience of God is a personal relationship that is influenced by the timing of messages that build and sustain the relationship. It is impossible not to communicate. During interpersonal interactions, every movement of the hands, rolling of the eyes, or increase in vocal tone is a message that can be interpreted. Even silence can communicate many messages. Although we do not have a choice in the matter of deciding whether to communicate or not, we do have the ability to choose when to initiate verbal communication and how to communicate certain messages non-verbally. We also can manage the duration of our messages. These decisions of initiation and duration are vital to the success of an intended message in both its delivery and reception. Since the nature of communication between God and man is interpersonal, the timing of a message implies that the intentional messages of God must travel through the human method of interpretation and therefore must be strategically timed.

Communication is a process through which people, acting together, create, sustain, and manage meanings through the use of verbal and nonverbal signs and symbols within a particular context. During intentional communication, the goal for the sender of a message is to create a certain meaning for the receptor. All messages have the potential to be controlled, intentionally constructed, and purposefully directed. However, it is only God who has the capacity to avoid the impulsive messages that humans often send void of thought or construction. To suggest that any of his communication is unintentional would portray a God who is not omniscient and does not have complete control over his actions.

All interpersonal relationships are initiated and sustained by interpersonal communication. For a personal relationship to exist it is necessary for that communication be two-way. In the Christian experience, scripture often seems to be the main source of communication from God, yet it cannot be the sole source. It is impossible for an interpersonal relationship between an author and reader to exist solely upon the information provided in the text. True Religion is immediate consciousness of the Deity as he is found in us and in the world. The Christian’s relationship with God is founded upon more than factual knowledge but must include a sense of the Divine that is constant. The true Christian feels that God acts purposefully in the universe. Every action or occurrence in the universe is somehow related to and dependent upon God. Often, Christians will seek to interpret every day experiences as personal messages from God that they should interpret. Yet it is apparent that many things happen naturally, and it would be both egocentric and wrong to attribute these things as instances of divine intervention done specifically to influence that particular person. God has specific personal messages that God intends them to receive and interpret correctly. Humans are constantly surrounded by various stimuli vying for their attention. They cannot focus upon all the stimuli at the same time, and must select what to focus upon. This is a major obstacle for both the message sender and receptor to overcome. In order for the receptor to receive this intended meaning, the message must be sent when the environment or the context will not be a distraction, or negatively affect the meaning of the message. Because the appropriate environment will not always be present it is important that the sender monitors when the appropriate environment exists. There are many...
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