Strategic Plan

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  • Published: October 1, 2012
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Departmental Project
Strategic Plan

Departmental Project – Strategic Plan

This strategy paper will discuss a strategic action plan to address an increase in violent crime with gang and drug related connections, which have been the subject of public, political and community demand for action. Included in this strategy is the creation of an inter-agency task force that includes units of the local police department and state and federal agencies.

Task Force Member Agencies

Virtual County Police Department
There will be six units from the Virtual County Police Department represented on this Task Force. Following will be a description of each unit’s basic function in the police department, why each was chosen for this task force, what role the unit will play, and how it will interact with other selected units. 1) Patrol - The Patrol Operations is the largest division and the core of the Virtual Police Department. Patrol is generally the first assignment for new officers, responding to calls for service in the city. The purpose of Patrol on this Task Force will be to provide the ability to leverage a significant amount of resources in a rapid fashion. In our high-crime target areas, the Task Force will deploy Patrol in order to employ aggressive field interrogation, a method in which the police check out suspicious persons and places. Studies show this strategy leads to large drops in robbery, burglary, theft, auto theft, assault, sex crimes, malicious mischief, and disturbances. 2) S.W.A.T. - A SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team is an elite unit within a police force, used for exceptional situations that require increased firepower or specialized tactics. The officers in a SWAT unit have undergone special training and have access to an arsenal of weaponry, armor and surveillance devices beyond standard-issue police gear. A few situations that typically require a SWAT team call-out: * A high-risk warrant - If the police...
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