Strategic Marketing Managment

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Strategic Marketing Management

Strategic Marketing Management



Strategic Marketing Management


Unit 3
Strategic marketing is defined as the process, approach or a set of skills which are used by the management of the organization for analyzing a particular business situation from a marketing perspective. Strategic marketing involves coming up with decisions which are meant to make the business excel. These decisions are very important in any business today because of several reasons; it provides a link between the organization and the environment and therefore clearly indicating that marketing is a responsibility that is integrated within the business but not a specialized phenomenon, it provides solutions to problems that exist in the business in terms of environmental monitoring and deciding what the customers would wish to be served, it provides the customers with a sense of satisfaction in that it links them with the product or service that the company produces and it provides the best techniques which is geared towards acquiring a certain market for the products.

So as to achieve the best decisions however, businesses today need to have a special group of professionals within the organization who have the skills and experiences in analyzing and meeting the needs of the clients. Businesses ought to also involve in activities that are geared towards having good marketing skills and this involves having in place a plan that will guide the entire process of marketing. Such plans ought to be long term and flexible enough so that it can cover the problems which come time after time within the business. Proper decision making skills are important in the business today because they aid allocation of proper resources in the business which brings in a new product or brings changes into the existing product, launching of new products which will be enhanced through adoption of an efficient marketing information and coming up with an appropriate marketing mix which will benefit the process of marketing of the products in the business.

Strategic Marketing Management


Unit 10 – MIS
An effective marketing information system will be very critical in every business because it aids the manager in planning and controlling of all the activities from the external environment. This environment involves factors like the internal marketing system, marketing intelligence system, marketing research system and analytical system. The internal marketing system refers to factors which aid in marketing of the products of the company. More often, a company will design its own way of marketing products and factors that it will consider include the processes which take place within the organization, pricing of its products, improvement of quality of the product and the promotional techniques that the company adopts. For the manager to effectively manage the business, there ought to be a system of information that coordinates all the areas which deal with improving the product quality, the department which is responsible for pricing of the product and the promotional team. The marketing intelligence system is very fundamental for the manager because it aids in making sure that the secrets that the company has adopted in marketing of its products has been kept. Issues such as how to improve the product quality and the amount they will charge for the products needs to be an issue within the business and should not be exposed to other businesses. The marketing intelligence system is therefore very important because it aids in making sure that the issues that take place in the business are not exposed to outsiders.

A proper marketing research system is very critical for the manager in a business because it aids in coming up with better method of handling problems that arise in any business. Such a system involves the business coming up with a committee which is responsible...
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