Strategic Management

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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Information Systems (IS)
a. Objective : Carlsberg wants to be the fastest growing global company in the brewing industry.

Strategies : Investment in ICT (Information and communication on technology), in order to create more effective market strategies.

Policies : Raise productivity and efficiency to cope with the demand for the products.
To boost the sales and popularity of beer brands as one of the best beers for its premium image, taste, quality, and reputation throughout the World.

Programs : Advance towards the K-economy and Collaboration Enterprise Strategy Services.

b. To help achieve that goal, the Carlsberg IT department has adopted an approach that will allow it to take advantage of best practices from around the world to improve the company’s business efficiency, while still enabling a local approach in individual markets. The collaboration of Carlsberg’s are Carlsberg worked with Enterprise Strategy Services to develop shared goals and then design, prioritize, and plan IT initiatives, by deploying the Windows 7 operating system and Microsoft Office 2010 productivity software and developing a collaboration platform using Microsoft Office 365. The Carlsberg IT team collaborates daily with a Microsoft Enterprise Architect from Enterprise Strategy Services who works onsite at Carlsberg and functions as a trusted advisor. The Enterprise Architect became familiar with the IT environment and processes at Carlsberg, and then brought Microsoft expertise and resources to help the company identify pain points, develop solutions, and realize real business impacts. The Enterprise Architect also helps educate and drive the Carlsberg IT team. For example, with guidance from the Microsoft Enterprise Architect, Carlsberg and its IT partner better aligned their practices and capabilities. The internal environment of Carlsberg Malaysia, is to see that Carlsberg is in possession of some long lasting and important resources within...
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