Strategic Human Resource Management

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2.Strategic Human Resource Management Practices in Samsung:2 2 a. Samsung overall introduce3
2.b HRM challenge in Samsung3
2 .c Samsung strategies4
4.Career management and development6
4.a HTP concept7
7.Employee welfare10
Employee wage and welfare10
Support for housing10
Children’s education10
Medical support11
Support for retirement11
8.Contribution to the national economy and global communities11 9. Recommendations12


In the recent time human resource management has assumed new importance because of continuing concerns about global contest, the internationalization of technology and the productivity of labor. It is argued manager have to change the way in which they manage the employment relationship in order to get most out of human resources (HR). Human Resource management plays an vital role in the management of people within organisations. HR is backbone of any business, because it interacts with the most important resource in the business people. For any business to achieve its objectives they must plan their resources and one of their key resources is people. They need to get the right people and develop them well in order to meet the organisation’s aims successfully. Human resource management always emphasises on the control of the employees of the organisation, it would include things such as •Recruitment & Selection

training and development
motivation etc.
In this paper, author will discusses Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) and its theory’s and practice in the one of the world’s biggest company Samsung group. 2.Strategic Human Resource Management Practices in Samsung: Human resource management is defined as a strategic and coherent approach to the management and development oraganization’s human resources in which every aspect of that process is wholly integrated within the overall management of the organization as per Armstrong, 2006. A number of studies have identified human resource management (HRM) as an essential element of competitive strategy. Rodwell 2007 & Teo, 2008. This implication had given rise to the concept of strategic human resource management (SHRM). SHRM may be defined as the practice which “takes what is and develops ideas of what should be along with plans for how to get there” Baerdwell et al.2005. HRM professionals may facilitate the use of SHRM within an organisation through working alongside business unit managers. This may assist in achieving long-term productivity and efficiency to meet organisational goals as per Torrington et al., 2008

2 a. Samsung overall introduce

Samsung Electronics is a leading electronics brand and well known for its innovation in products such as mobile phones, TVs and monitors. The company has grown to become a major global player in the consumer electronics marketplace. Entering the UK marketplace in 1984, Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd (SEUK) has enjoyed impressive growth, particularly in the competitive mobile phone industry. The legendary tycoon, Byung-Chull Lee in 1938, founded Samsung. In 1995, Samsung’s sales rose to $87 billion and its assets totaled $87 billion (Samsung Corporation, 1995). Samsung is the second largest chaebol (enterprises) composed of 35 enterprises, which employ 233,000 employees in 66 countries. Samsung is a major global competitor in electronics, machinery, chemicals and finance. Other areas of Samsung’s operations include the auto manufacturing, newspaper, hotel, and entertainment industries. 2.b HRM challenge in Samsung

Chairman Kun-Hee Lee, the third son of the founder, manages and own this huge multinational company. Samsung has been one of the most important vehicles for Korea’s remarkable economic growth and has received numerous awards from the government for its...
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