Strange Doctor Strange

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Cristia Earp
Matt Cicci
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March 8, 2013
Strange Doctor Strange
I’ve never been a big fan of comic books, partly because I can’t quite follow them as much as I’d like to. Action comics are the hardest for me to follow for a couple reasons. For one, the art is all over the place. I understand that art like this is supposed to display all of the sudden exhilarating scenes, but how can a reader pay attention to the story while still pictures on a page distract you? Bright colors, wild, geometric shapes, and unrecognizable designs are all nice artistic elements, but when does the artist call it enough? Some comic book fans adore the artistic elements built into graphic novels! The art just overwhelms me. Secondly, I always thought comic books were more of a “boy thing” than a “girl thing”. Especially the action genre. It may sound silly because I am almost twenty years old and the fact that I might be coming off as a little hypocritical in response to the art. Girls: “oh look at all these pretty colors!” while boys: “whoa, man, look at that. That’s a wild lookin’ tiger”. It’s true that girls love pretty colors, but girls love to see an actual story that is narrated or told by some of the characters. Dialogue is important for me in any book because in order to really engage myself in a story, I need to be interested. Cheesy dialogue doesn’t work for me!

In the Doctor Strange comic book serious, there are two major problems for me; one being the art and the other being the dialogue. The story in Doctor strange is decent. It contains a start, climax, resolution, and an ending. I just can’t get passed the fact that the dialogue to the story is so tacky while every other page is so bright that it hurts your eyes! Others may rate this comic book a five out of five, but the dialogue for every character can be compared to that of a child in middle school while the art is too overwhelming, I’ll give it a two out of five.

A good action story,...
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