Doctor Jekyll & Mr Hyde

Topics: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Gothic fiction, Robert Louis Stevenson Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: April 30, 2008
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Coursework

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was written by R.L.S and set in 19th century London. In this book we understand the conflict between the good character Dr Jekyll and the completely evil character Mr Hyde, who compete and fight for control of their shared body. R.L.S came from a time where scientist were unsure whether this could actually happen, but the idea of good and evil extremes are still relevant. The central themes of the novel are violence, human nature and degeneration. Violence is shown throughout the novel, in chapter 4 this is shown when sir Danvers Carew is murdered. This is a ferocious and startling attack. “Mr Hyde broke out of all bounds, and clubbed him to earth and the next moment, with ape like fury, he was trampling his victim under foot. This shows the audience that Mr Hyde is the violent and uncontrollable animal, which is the opposite to Dr Jekyll. The theme human nature is shown when the good Dr Jekyll and the evil Mr Hyde clash for control of their shared body, this is shown in chapter 4 when Dr Jekyll looses control and Mr Hyde is let loose. “Broke out of all bounds, with an ape like fury” R.L.S is comparing Mr Hyde to an ape or animal, which means he has left his humanity behind. Degeneration is shown throughout the novel, like Mr Hyde’s state of mind he has killed someone, Mr Carew for that he cannot be forgiven and cannot go back to being a good person his personality and mind has degenerated. Chapter 4 uses symbolism, as the beautiful Sir Danvers Carew is murdered horrifically by the evil person Mr Hyde. The murder is considered even worse as Mr Carew was a beautiful, kind and happy man. “Aware of an aged and beautiful gentlemen with white hair drawing near along the lane” this Chapter is also symbolic as it shows the lengths Mr Hyde is willing to go, and the amount of violence he is willing to use. And this chapter sets all the wheels in motion by showing the plot, “brandishing the cane, and carrying on like...
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