Story of an Hour

Topics: Gender, Short story, 19th century Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: March 6, 2012
Book Report on The Story of an Hour
The Story of an Hour is a short novel written by Kate Chopin and selected from Cassill, R. V. The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction (4th Edition). The story mainly tells us about physical changes and emotions of Mrs. Mallard after being informed about the death of her husband. Chopin (1851—1904) was born in St. Louis. She married her husband at twenty in New Orleans. But it was after the death of her husband that she started her literary career. In her noverl she often repeated the same theme: the problems facing women in a male dominated society. First I would like to tell you the breif introduction about the story. Because Mrs. Mallard's was afflicted with heart trouble, everyone basically tiptoes around her and treats her carefully. When her sister and family friend discover Mr. Mallard got killed in an accident, they take time to tell Mrs. Mallard gently that her husband has died. Mrs. Mallard cries her eyes out, then goes to her room alone and locks the door. Inside, she seems terrified of some feelings that are coming to her and finally realizes that it is her freedom. Even though she and her husband loved each other, and she's truly saddened by his death, she feels liberated and free for the first time. She looks forward to the days ahead instead of dreading them. While Mrs. Mallard is having this epiphany, her sister keeps trying to check on her. Finally, Mrs. Mallard comes out of her room, newly resolved, and she and her sister start to go downstairs. Suddenly, Mr. Mallard comes in. When Mrs. Mallard sees him, she has a tremendous shock and dies.

Ms. Mallard is the main character of the story, she lives a happy life in other people’s eyes. Her husband is gentle and considerate, so they are considered to be a perfect couple. However, in her deep inside heart she feels much confined. No one know her spiritual demands. The death of Mrs. Mallard is not only an individual tragedy but also a true...
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