Stop Kiss

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Acting 1 Portfolio
Danielle Schmidt
December 12, 2011

Stop Kiss
By Diana Son

Play Response

Stop Kiss by Diana Son is a play about two strangers who become friends who become lovers. This play is really intriguing to me because it is very simple and yet it is very powerful. It explores the two main character’s relationship and how it develops and how horribly people in the gay community are treated. This story upset me because it is something that could actually happen (and has happened many times). The story hooked me because of how it was written. It isn’t dense, has laughing points, is very relatable for many people, and it is a moving story about love. The way that Son structured the play is also very interesting. The scenes alternate between before the beating and after the beating. It’s really interesting how it all comes together. I couldn’t imagine an audience not feeling for these characters and connecting to their story. Even as a straight woman I am able to connect with this story. The scene that I am working on with Shannon is something that plays out in my own relationship. This play is about friendship turning into love and about how people in the gay community are unfairly treated. Sara and Callie feel the need to hide their feelings for each other because they are afraid that other people won’t accept them. I feel like even they don’t accept themselves which is something they struggle with throughout the play. But when they do finally decide to take the plunge and accept their feelings for one another they find out that their fears about other people not accepting them are completely valid. The title Stop Kiss is probably based off of the main action in the play. When Sara and Callie were kissing a stranger beat Sara up to stop them from kissing. For me this role will be a little difficult because I’m not attracted to women and so showing affection towards my partner may be difficult. At the same time though, I feel like this role is really accessible and that I kind of emulate Sara in a way. I stand up for myself in situations where people are telling me I should just keep my mouth shut. I am in a relationship that grew out of an awkward friendship because we were both attracted to each other but didn’t want to be the first to put ourselves out there. So my initial reaction is that it won’t be that hard for me to play this role.


There are no words or anything in my scene that I need to research.

Sara’s job of being a lower grade teacher in the Bronx reminds me of my cousin’s job. She moved to New York with her husband who was going to graduate school. She had studied to be a teacher so she got a job near where she lived: the Bronx. She taught there for two years before they were able to move back to California. In those two years I heard very shocking stories. She taught second or third grade and her students were talking about their parents doing drugs and stuff kids of that age shouldn’t know about. One story that really shocked me was that one kid was upset one day so he threatened to jump out the window to kill himself. No kid should know about stuff like that let alone be able to talk about it. I think in order to be a public school teacher in the Bronx you really do have to love your job and love your students. You have to be in it for the kids and really root for them. Sara is really in it for the kids and really does love them. In one part of the play she comes back to tell Callie about how one of the kids learned their ABCs. She could not have been more proud of that kid even though that kid should have known his ABCs already.

Given Circumstances

Who: Sara is a friend of a friend of Callie’s. She doesn’t know anyone in the city so Callie agrees to help her out. When the play is starting it is the first time Sara and Callie are meeting.

Where: Half of the play takes place before the coma in Callie’s apartment in New York. The other half of the play takes...
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