Destiny in Romeo and Juliet

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Characters in Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio Pages: 4 (645 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Don’t Deny Destiny

Question 11: What role does fate play in Romeo and Juliet?

Shakespeare refers to Romeo and Juliet as “star-crossed lovers.” We can not deny

the fact that they are ‘destined to be together,’ it is just something that the reader must

accept. Fate is inevitable throughout the whole play; Shakespeare never gives readers an

explanation as to why there is a feud between the Capulets and the Montagues, it is rather

an undeniable aspect of the world of the play. The events surrounding the love affair of

Romeo and Juliet are not merely coincidences, but rather all elements that will bring out

the unavoidable outcome of the young lovers’ deaths.

When fate begins to work its magic, the events of the play and the work of

Shakespeare begins to unravel itself. The only reason Romeo decides to attend the

Capulet’s ball is entirely in the hands of destiny. By chance, a young knave of the

Capulet’s, who could not read himself, had asked Romeo to read an invitation list for the

ball. Young Romeo was hopelessly I love with Rosaline at this time, and he attended the

party only in hopes of seeing her. However, at the ball, Romeo falls in love with fair

Juliet the moment he lays eyes on her. We can easily say that Romeo and Juliet were

’destined’ to meet and fall in love.

After meeting Romeo that night, Juliet is talking to her nurse; ridiculously

desperate and dramatic. She has not known man for more than three hours, yet she is

hinting that she will die if she does not marry him; as given when she says, “If he be

married my grave be my wedding bed.” Acts I and II will appear completely ironic to

those who know of the events yet to come. Juliet continues to talk about how their love

will kill him, “Yet I should kill thee with much cherishing,” this being one of the most

ironic of quotes, as it turns out that their love is the actual cause of their deaths.

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