Stone Sour-Through the Glass Analysis

Topics: Corey Taylor, Slipknot, Stone Sour Pages: 2 (831 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Stone Sour’s most known song Through the Glass was written and sung by Corey Taylor, who is also the lead singer of controversial hard rock band Slipknot. This easily relatable song has many intriguing interpretations both about the opinions Taylor has about himself, the music industry, and Hollywood as well as how he wishes to be viewed as a singer/songwriter, father and a human being. Being one of the first songs written solely by Taylor it is a direct look into his life and the inner struggles he has overcome and succumb throughout his life that have led him to obtain the status and fame he has achieved. Despite what one would expect from the lead singer of a hard rock band Through The Glass has calm low-toned vocals and slow muffled guitar riffs unlike that of Slipknot give way to a more quiet anger of Taylor then that of his other songs. The dullness of the instruments coupled with Corey Taylor’s melancholy voice opens the door to the mind of a troubled man not at peace with himself or the world around him.

The obvious cynicism toward Hollywood is explained undoubtedly in during the course of the song. With lines such as “and it’s the stars that lie to you...” (Corey Taylor) and “epidemic of the mannequins, contaminating everything”(Corey Taylor) is an direct reference to the plastic nature of the world that celebrities live in and the falseness of their looks and the unrealistic goals that influences the thoughts and goals of anyone who looks up toward these stars. The contamination of this epidemic had a direct impact in the time contemporary to when the song was written because Taylor was going through a time in his artistic life with his experiment with Stone Sour where he was looking in to himself for inspiration and away from the ties of mainstream media and influence that he believed was even a part of his band Slipknot. The chorus which is repeated so often throughout the song that it recalls the attention back to the glass that the singer is...
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