Stochastic Process

Topics: Wireless sensor network, Sensor node, Sensor Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Analysis of a Stochastic Model for Wireless Sensor Networks

Submitted By: Syed Ahsan Ali Bokhari

Introduction:Our aim is to develop a stochastic model of sensor networks where each sensor node is taken randomly and one after the other in sleep and active state. After analysis of the sensor model, we try to formulate the probability when there are many data packets in many sensor nodes. The model is analyzed in terms of energy usage, delay in average data and efficiency.

With the increasing trend towards wireless, WSNs are becoming popular due to their use in civil and military applications and for environmental monitoring. WSNs consist of large number of sensor nodes but power has limitations and they also communicate with radio. WSNs have potential applications in the places which are normally inaccessible, such as glaciers, war fields, disaster hit areas.

After the development to a WSN, energy usage can be minimized by shutting down the sensor node if there is no need. There are three states of a sensor, each sensor can be active, sleep or in idle state so the sensor is able to communicate with other nodes and can send them messages and receive from them. The node may be in sleep state due to different component power modes. So, each sensor has finite states. The sensor node will stay in that state for a randomly selected time, after that shifts into some other state and wait for another time. The sensor node randomly stays in active or sleep status for a duration which is probability distributed. We will determine the estimation of bytes of data in a particular node, its energy usage and the study of the performance of sensor. Second part of the study is related to the explanation of the model under investigation. Third part deals with the evaluation of model in terms of its efficiency. And fourth part presents numerical simulations. At the last conclusion will be made.

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